About me: I’m a professional recorder player, and I also run a business called Dill Pickle Gear making custom bicycle luggage. I’m a constant tinkerer, and I love coming up with new designs for bags and cases or thinking of ways to make existing ones better.

In my musical life I mostly play early music, but I’m also a huge proponent of new developments in recorder design, particularly the Mollenhauer Helder; and of the work of living composers writing for newer recorder models. So as I get this site up and running, I’ll be offering some of these new compositions for sale as downloads in order to make them as widely available as possible. This is not to say that I don’t love historical recorders and perform Renaissance and Baroque music too! I very much do, and that will never change. But I also don’t think that the development of our instrument and its repertoire needs to end at 1750, and want to do my part to help it continue.

So, welcome to Canzonet and please be in touch! I would love to hear your comments and feedback.

Emily O’Brien