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Ecco l’aurora – Andrea Gabrieli

This is “Ecco l’aurora” by Andrea Gabrieli, from Il primo libro di madrigali a cinque voci, 1566.

I was introduced to this gorgeous madrigal by Eric Haas some years ago. In this video I’m playing a tenor in C, basset in G, and bass in C by Francesco LiVirghi; and a contrabass in F by Friedrich von Huene. I’m using the Canzonet bass recorder neck strap plus extension for the C bass and G basset, so that I can comfortably play them standing up.

The text:
Ecco l’aurora con l’aurata fronte
Ch’a passo a passo ci rimena il giorno
Ecco che sponta sopra l’orizonte
Col volto suo di bianca neve adorno
Ecco la notte ne l’adverso monte
che và fuggendo al suo antico soggiorno
Et io pur piang’al l’apparir de l’alba
C’homai d’intorno l’aere tutto in alba.

And Eric’s translation:
Behold Aurora with her golden face [as she] Moves step by step to return the day. See her peep above the horizon, With white snow adorned. See the Night from the mountain opposite That flees to its old haunt. Yet I despair at the approach of dawn, Though all around be is bright and fair.

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